Learning for good starts at the Waratah Institute

Waratah Institute is officially registered with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, and it is one of Australia’s newest registered providers of higher education programs. Located in Sydney, it is led by its CEO Stephen Andrews, a seasoned expert in education with more than 16 years of experience and trained with a Master of education, curriculum and teaching studies at the University of Sydney. 

Stephen has held different leadership roles in academic positions at Billy Blue College of Design, Think Education and Laureate Australia, now he is in charge of a provider with currency and industry relevance in their programs, and innovative teaching and learning practice. Waratah Institute aims to create graduates who are work-ready and ready for further study.

As part of a suite of innovative initiatives to help them recruit students in 2020, The Waratah Institute decided to invest in Sofiri’s IQAP technology (Instant Qualified Applicant Platform) to help them:

  1. Connect prospective domestic and international students with online counsellors to guide them through selecting a course, applying, and enrolling.
  2. Qualify prospective students via Facebook messenger in different languages, including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Spanish.
  3. Process applications from students online, enabling Waratah Institute to issue offers and manage the applicant process.

“The IQAP platform was embedded on our website and our Facebook Messenger, it is the best way to connect prospective students and counsellors any day, any time”, says Fernanda Soto, Head of marketing and recruitment at the Waratah Institute.

The Waratah institute offers high-quality undergraduate programs, including the Bachelor of Business (Enterprise Management Systems) and the Bachelor of International Business.

How Do You Increase Productivity in managing Student Recruitment Within The COVID 19 Environment?

With the rise of working from home, travel restrictions and social distancing, our sector has been required to re-imagine student recruitment, and how it can be conducted safely. The days of student fairs, open days, agent events, and one-on-one meetings are over – at least, for now. Given these are central pillars of student recruitment, this presents us with an urgent problem to move forward successfully.

Sofiri has been successfully recruiting students from around the world for the last two years using its peer-to-peer platform. Now, Sofiri is white-labelling its platform under the name Instant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP) to make it easier for universities and colleges to recruit students.

To learn more about IQAP, visit today: https://iqap.sofiri.com/providers

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