Planning to do a Master of counselling in Sydney? Have you heard of Excelsia College?

The Master of Counseling degree offered by Excelsia College will prepare you for helping those hurting in our community and world.

Australia needs counselors and Excelsia College is committed to answering the need of the mental health of Australians and the world.

Excelsia College is located in Macquarie Park which is a nationally significant research and business centre, with a number of education institutions in the area alongside specialist companies in the communications, medical research, pharmaceutical and IT&T sectors.


The Master of Counseling provides advanced training in counseling theory and practice, with an introduction to a range of counseling specialisations. The postgraduate degree integrates mental health and wellness/strength-based models within a Christian worldview – It is not necessary for you to be a Christian to undertake this course-, encouraging and equipping counselors to work with the whole person.


The Master of Counseling degree prepares graduates for a range of counseling-related positions within the mental health sector. For example, graduates work in private practice and a variety of Christian, church-based and secular counseling services, centres and programs (such as schools; private, government and NGO agencies; and child and adolescent services).

You will be able to work with varied age groups and target populations (children and adolescents, the homeless, troubled youth, adults with a range of mental health issues, the unemployed, the elderly); addressing a range of life issues including trauma, loss and grief, relationship and family issues, identity formation, spiritual concerns, illness and disability.

In general, the Master of Counseling degree aims to:

  • Produce self-reflexive counselors who can develop and maintain respectful, caring and collaborative therapeutic relationships and can effectively function both independently and within multi-disciplinary settings
  • Prepare counselors to work in a variety of settings with clients of diverse ages, backgrounds and life issues
  • Highlight the importance of lifelong learning that is informed by counseling-focused research, set within ongoing professional development.


The Master of Counseling degree is a PACFA accredited course (PACFA – Psychotherapy & Counseling Federation of Australia). Historically graduates of the program have applied for membership with various PACFA Member Associations, subject to meeting their membership requirements; most commonly joining is the Christian Counselors Association of Australia (CCAA).

Concurrently graduates are able to apply for listing on the Australian Register of Counselors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP), subject to meeting the ARCAP registration requirements.

Delivery mode

During the length of the Master of Counseling degree, students complete 16 units of study and gain professional industry experience (200 hours of face-to-face counseling in various agency settings).

This practical experience is supported by group and individual clinical supervision (50 hours) and ongoing personal development (minimum of 25 hours), the cost of which is included in the course fee. This combination meets the highest training standards as specified by PACFA 2014 Training Standards

So, if you plan to study a Master of Counseling at Excelsia College, prepare yourself to find out that

  • Each semester consists of two 7 week blocks (Block A & Block B per semester)
  • Each semester runs for 18 weeks, with a 2 week mid-semester break
  • Full-Time students complete 2 units per 7 week block (four units per semester)
  • Part-Time students complete 1 unit in 7 week period (two units per semester)
  • Credit Points: 96 / Number of Units: 16
  • 10 hours per unit per week (includes provision for personal study)
  • Classes are face-to-face delivery at Campus
  • Classes are held Friday 1pm-7pm or/and Saturday 10am-4pm
  • Part-time students can select either the Friday or Saturday classes
  • Full-time students need to complete both the Friday and Saturday classes

Admission requirements

The Master of Counseling is available to international students, subject to satisfying the aforementioned admission criteria. International students are only permitted to commence in the course in the first semester of each academic year so as to ensure completion of the full-time course within the required two years (as per Australian student visa requirements).

You may be admitted to the Master of Counseling if you have previously successfully completed a relevant Bachelor’s degree or Bachelor’s Honours degree.

Also, an interview will be assessed and you will have to provide a National Criminal History Record check and a Working with Children authorization at time of the application.

Lastly, do not forget that you need to prove your English language proficiency and have a minimum score of 7 with no band less than 6.5 for the IELTS, or, 94 with no scoreless than 79 for the TOEFL iBT, or, 65 with no score less than 59 for the PTE Academic.

Why Excelsia College?

Basically there are four facts that will make you understand why Excelsia College is a great option for you. The college has:

  1. A truly unique and potentially life-changing higher education experience within a small nurturing community of students.
  2. Been offering higher education programs since 1983, with a focus on offering students and collegial and collaborative space for all students to reach their potential.
  3. One on one tutoring and mentoring from high calibre academics committed to helping you become the best you can be in your chosen discipline.
  4. Its campus in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with world-renowned beaches, iconic architecture and a fantastic arts and culture vibe.

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