Scholarships offered by Lincoln University in New Zealand

Lincoln University is currently offering some Scholarships for International Students, that are awarded in recognition of academic ability or achievement.

Some focus on other factors, including personal qualities, financial need, where you live and the course of study that you choose.

Most the Scholarships are applied to tuition fees and some may be used to cover accommodation and living costs. They can also be given in the form of textbooks or a sponsor’s product.

1. English for Further Study Award

If you successfully complete a minimum of 12 weeks of EAP, you will receive a fees rebate award, to the value of NZ$5,460, when you enrol in either the Certificate in University StudiesDiploma in University Studies, or an undergraduate degree.

2. International Taught Master Merit Scholarships

If you qualify for this, you will be awarded a scholarship up to the value of NZ$7,000-$10,000 towards the overall cost of your study in any 180-credit taught master’s programme. You must have at least a GPA of a B+ average in the last year of your bachelor’s degree to meet the requirements.

NZ$10,000 – apply to the following programmes:

  • Master of Business – Global Management and Marketing
  • Master of Business – Finance
  • Master of Professional Accounting (CPA)
  • Master of Sports and Recreation Management
  • Master of Tourism Management
  • Master of International Rural Development

NZ$7000 – apply to the following programmes:

  • Master of Pest Management
  • Master of Precision Agriculture
  • Master of Science in Food Innovation
  • Master of Environment Management & Policy
  • Master of Management in Agribusiness
  • Master of Management in Agricultural System
  • Master of Wine and Viticulture (Semester 1 only)
  • Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience
English for Further Study Award at lincoln university

3. Generation Study Abroad Excellence and Travel Awards for US students

Education New Zealand and New Zealand tertiary institutions are supporting Generation Study Abroad students with excellence and travel awards, up to the value of US$2,000.

4. Lincoln University international pathway merit scholarship and Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor’s scholarship

Lincoln University international pathway merit scholarship is valued at NZ$2,500 , and are available for new students seeking admission into the Certificate in University Studies or Diploma in University Studies programmes.

Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship is valued at NZ$5,000, and are available for new students who are studying Bachelor’s degree programmes. To be eligible for a scholarship, you must meet academic and English requirements.

Note: both scholarships are currently unvailable.

Why you will love Lincoln University

Things grow when the conditions are right. It’s true for industry, agriculture or business and it’s most certainly true for people. At Lincoln University, helping you grow is what they are all about.

Want more?

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