Macquarie University to incubate Sofiri

Sofiri is excited to announce the support of the Macquarie University Incubator. Sofiri will join as a resident member of the Incubator and join a community of start-ups looking to grow and scale their businesses.

Founded in 2017, Sofiri is a peer-to-peer platform connecting prospective international students from anywhere in the world with education experts (counsellors), using sophisticated bots to do the first part of the engagement. Sofiri is also enabling education providers and education agents to use its proprietary technology with its recently launched product IQAP, short for Instant Qualified Applicant Platform.

The Macquarie University Incubator opened in 2017. The university, and the Incubator is part of the Macquarie Park Innovation District which is home to more than 180 large international and 200 small businesses. The multi-award winning Incubator is a thriving nexus for students, researchers, staff, and the broader start-up community to explore, develop and scale their start-ups.

Sofiri will join as a resident member of Macquarie Incubator
Exterior of the incubator

George Hernandez, founder and CEO at Sofiri, is also a Macquarie University alumnus and former staff member. “The connection I have with Macquarie is unique, I have been here as a student, a professional, and now I am back for a particular part of my entrepreneurial life. I am very grateful to Macquarie for supporting us on our growth stage” says George.

The next months will see Sofiri expand its product development by launching its apps on iOS, add additional advanced bots to other instant messaging apps including WhatsApp and WeChat, as well as support an increased number of IQAP clients and students from anywhere in the world enrolling through Sofiri into education providers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and elsewhere around the globe.

The incubator’s vision is to create entrepreneurship programs that train and nurture innovation and to support the growth and success of impactful solutions to the world’s problems. “Sofiri is a clear example of this, revolutionising the way that univerisites, colleges and agents interact with overseas students through instant messaging technology. We are happy to host Sofiri during their growth phase” says Ainslee Harvey, Incubator Manager.

For students

If you’re looking for information about studying a bachelor, master or doctorate in destinations like Australia or New Zealand, please consider Sofiri. With Sofiri, you can get free advice on courses, help with your application and even assistance with the visa. You will get guidance throughout your journey and answers to your questions every step of the way.

For universities, colleges and agents

Are you ready to professionally manage 1,000 or more queries a day in messenger apps? Using bots and natural language A.I., Sofiri is able to qualify, respond automatically and distribute your instant messaging queries to the correct channels and individuals within education providers and agent counsellors to ensure inquiries are handled quickly and turned into successful applications.

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