The International Study Dream: Ronald Lai, Expert In Profile

Ronald Lai has a Bachelor’s degree in Computing and Information Systems, and has more than 10 years of Education Management experience. He is an experienced and highly motivated Sofiri Education Expert based in Singapore.

He likes to help people and as an education counsellor, he’s looking forward to the impact he can make on the lives and the educational journeys of aspiring students.

As he has been working in the education industry, he’s well placed to be able to help guide and counsel future international students.

I have been working in the Education industry over the past 12 years. I’ve progressively moved from doing local recruitment into international recruitment

Ronald Lai
Sofiri: Tell us a little about your story, from the very beginning

I was born in Malaysia, and have lived here for most of my life. I’m currently working as an Education Consultant and have been helping students with their plans to study overseas over the past 10 years. My experience with the International Community is awesome. Everyone is friendly and most important, my students are enjoying it.

Sofiri: What is your personal experience with international education systems?

My experience with an international education system was that it offers a wide range of opinions and it allows for me to understand the different cultures and opinions and that is what made me who I am today.

"Have fun when you’re abroad, be it for holiday or or studies. It’s a very good experience to have the chance to go abroad. Treasure it!"

Ronald Lai

Sofiri: Can you tell us about your work experience?

I have been working in the Education industry over the past 12 years. I’ve progressively moved from doing local recruitment into international recruitment

Sofiri: What do you like the most about the idea of studying and living overseas?

A lot of things: the travel, the people, and most of all, the time that is spent. When you’re overseas, a lot of times, it’s about being able to adapt and if you have the right people studying with you, time flies superbly fast.

I also love the cold chilly air during winters. It’s the best feeling an Asian could get (coming from a country with only 2 seasons). Also, I love international cultures.

For instance Australia, they have the four seasons are awesome to be in, it’s a great place with tonnes to explore, and I would love to go back again.

I believe Australia is one of the few safest countries and shouldn’t be worried about it. You’ll fall in love with Its beaches, weather, people, culture.

Ronald Lai
Sofiri: Tell us more on what you think about the employment opportunities for international student graduates.

I believe that the employment opportunities is available and abundant for International students; however, they would have to be proactive in finding out more. There is ample opportunity, but be proactive in looking for it and not expect it to fall on your laps after graduation. Always be open to opportunities, be it big or small.

Sofiri: What are some important questions aspiring students should ask themselves before they select a course and educational provider?
  1. Is rank important?
  2. What are the opportunities that I can gain, should I choose to take up this?

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you are unsure of. No one is perfect. Share with Ronald Lai what your aspirations are; he’ll try his best to guide you to them.

education expert Ronald Lai
Chat with Sofiri Education Expert, Ronald Lai, now about your study options overseas. Whether you’re considering an English language course, bachelor degree, master’s degree, or PhD research, Sofiri is a free and convenient way to find out what you’re eligible to study. Our Education Experts are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the education industry today.

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