What about an English course and a yoga course together?

Have you ever imagined experiencing the pleasure of Yoga and be able to be in an English course in the same program? It sounds super good, doesn’t it? Now add to this that classes are taught close to a beach in the beautiful city of Byron Bay. It sounds very exciting!

And so it is, we have a representation from the Byron Bay English Language School where in addition to studying English, you can also study yoga, either to get certified as an instructor or just to participate in relaxation classes.

The Yoga courses are taught by experienced and registered local schools of yoga with fully proven security logs. In addition, all instructors are accredited by the American Yoga Association.

Yoga in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a coastal city located in the state of New South Wales – NSW. It is quite famous for being a tourist destination that stands out for its beautiful beaches where you can practice surfing and scuba diving.

Also, in the second half of the year it is possible to see humpback whales from different places like Captain James Cook viewpoint.

Imagine a place with beautiful beaches, good waves, beautiful landscapes, a preferred destination for musicians, artists, hippies, surfers and visitors from all over the world, as well is Byron Bay. The more friendly, comfortable and entertaining place I have visited, is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, was to come to learn English in this wonderful place. Hector Moragas, Chile.

Other English courses

In Byron Bay school in addition to English courses with activities such as yoga, we also have surfing, diving and music lessons – Here you can learn to play a musical instrument such as guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, etc., and even sing-, you can also find preparation courses for the IELTS, Cambridge or intensive courses and of general English.

There are plenty of options to choose from, although if you want to know other English courses in Australia, I invite you to read this post.

We encourage you to study in Byron Bay English School. You just have to register and choose an expert who will guide you through your visa process and resolve any concerns free of charge.

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