Peer to Peer Student Recruitment and Admissions Platform

New technologies and advancement in peer influencing and assistance as well online student recruitment and admissions platforms have helped thousands of students to enhance their education journey and have also opened the door to new possibilities by connecting them with agents, student ambassadors, education provider staff, alumni and even academics around the globe; giving them better options and one-on-one feedback for students to choose or confirm their dream institutions.

Digitally optimised platforms have revolutionised how the study options, admissions and destination information are accessed, discussed, consumed and shared online with aspiring students. Education counsellors are responsible for analysing data on their own effectiveness and capabilities and adjusting their techniques to provide maximum value for students.

Why a peer-to-peer student recruitment and admissions platform?

The most positive effect of proper student counselling services is to assist aspiring students to not only navigate the admissions and student visa process but also for students to find their Ikigai, that means for them to ultimately study a course that will not only result in a successful profession but also something that matches the student’s interest along with being good for humanity and that students will be good at.

The low retention rates many times faced by some education providers are a direct result of student’s dissatisfaction with not only the course, but also the service provided by the institution as well as the academic challenge and lack of support required for some students to adapt to a new environment, school, city or even country.

Often mentioned, the best way to manage this is by equipping students with better knowledge of current trends of education, available streams and the possibility to be in contact with someone knowledgeable. Many students are high achievers in schools and academies, but when it comes to a career decision, many will fail at making the right choice because of not having the right person to help.

Proper and sophisticated student counselling during the different stages of the aspiring student journey is a must. Expert peers have wide knowledge about current trends of educational institutes, the destination values and available factors that have a major influence on career decision, connecting the student with the right peer at the right stage of the journey can make wonders to the increased satisfaction of prospective students.

How a peer-to-peer student recruitment and admissions platform help the students in making the right educational decision?

The choice of a career, course or study destination without any doubt is one of the most crucial decisions that prospective students can make in their lives. This is a high-involvement decision that requires quality information as well as an emotional investment. A student with no prior knowledge of destinations, colleges, universities, courses and admissions processes will find handy to connect with a peer, e.g., agent, staff, independent counsellor using digital platforms and mobile apps. This connection can happen at dates and times that are convenient to both peers and without having to visit an office.

For students pending making the decision of ultimately studying a course and that have applied to various universities and colleges, it will be powerful to connect and chat with another student that is enrolled in the same course, and ideally is from the same nationality or is fluent in the same language. Other peers that could be influential are alumni as they have gone not only through the study process but also employment finding, etc.

Why engaging various peers to help aspiring students?

  • The education provider staff will provide insights into what will be required to succeed academically by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of students.
  • Agents can help to navigate financial concerns and may have inside information and lesser-known resources on related financial matters when it comes to investing in the student’s education.
  • The peer-to-peer assistance from agents or independent counsellors can assist in finding the suitable college/university according to interest, personality, needs and admissions profile, how to prepare for interviews and applications, and advise on how best to work with achieving the result.
  • The agents will help the students to choose from a range of courses and universities and make the whole process easy and accessible for them. Their job is to put students at the right place, considering their earlier qualifications, professional experiences and their comforts and discomforts.
  • Student ambassadors will offer a genuine outlook on the experience of studying with specific education providers; this includes information particular to the city, state and country of destination, they can also provide culturally relevant insights that will assist the student with deciding what education provider to study with.
  • Academic staff can give unique insights into the teaching of specific programs; they can talk about the subjects available, the outcomes, internship opportunities, and other academics involved in the teaching of programs in their relevant schools or faculties. This is the type of feedback that can really make a difference for a student that is undecided between the same program at two different education providers.

Peer-to-Peer Student Recruitment and Admissions Platform Benefits to Students

  • Students from all over the globe can discover their future career from the comfort of their home; they can connect from their own mobile phones or personal computers without having to travel any distance.
  • Peer to peer online consulting helps the students to know where a relevant degree may take them professionally.
  • The online admission recruiting program brings a different aspect concerning the standpoint of education.
  • The peer-to-peer student recruitment facility enables the students to do better-synchronised communications.
  • The goal of student recruiting platforms is to simplify and ease the process of admissions.
  • Proper counselling helps the students to achieve their goals, and well-guided students know what to do and how to do things in the best possible way.
  • Counselling sessions enable the students familiar with the importance of choosing the right career.

Peer-to-Peer Student Recruitment and Admissions Platform Benefits to Education Providers

  • This digital technology offers education providers a cost-effective solution for the conversion of current applications and offers.
  • There is an increased engagement and satisfaction of students during the recruitment journey. The utilisation of the branded app helps the student to feel connected to the institution.
  • There is an increased engagement and satisfaction of students during the recruitment journey. The utilisation of the branded app helps the student to feel connected to the institution.
  • Ability to utilise the platform to enhance agent management review process through scanning conversations.
  • The platform helps with the reduction of human resources when used to reach new markets or nurture existing leads.
  • Based on the different mediums available for active marketing, there is an opportunity for lower cost of acquisition per commencement through App utilisation.
  • Use the peer-to-peer platform for the opportunity to reward loyal and well-trained agents by inviting them to the app, differentiate yourself from other providers.
  • Respond to website visitors 24/7 in various languages using a Live Chat Widget that can be placed in key webpages.

About Sofiri: We connect the students with professional education counsellors, agents, staff, alumni and student ambassadors. Covering the student journey from awareness to admission and visa is our best part. Our chatbots prequalify prospective students in different languages like English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.  Via our technology, education providers chosen counsellors offer professional education guidance on selecting or confirming desired courses. To learn more about our Peer-to-Peer platform visit our website or get in touch here.

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