Two year postgraduate degree for as low as AU$13,280 in total at Central Queensland University

CQUniversity Australia has been on a phenomenal trajectory since 2009. Its remarkable growth in student numbers, new courses, new campuses, infrastructure and reputation, as well as its focus on research and social innovation, has seen the University emerge as one of Australia’s truly great Universities.

Originally founded in Rockhampton, Queensland in 1967, it now has more than 30,000 students spread across 24 campuses and locations Australia-wide and is regarded within the sector as Australia’s most inclusive and engaged university.

But here is what you really need to know about CQUniversity:

  • Quality Education at Affordable fees.
  • CQUniversity has been recognised in the top 600 universities and in the QS World University Rankings.
  • CQUniversity has been recognised in the top 500 universities for graduate employability: Graduate Employability Rankings 2020.
  • CQUniversity does not charge for an application, enrolment fee or placement test.
  • CQUniversity offers 3 terms per year, two of them compulsory (March and July intakes). You can use Term 3 to FastTrack your studies or to have a longer break for work, travel home or recreation – depending on your student plan, you may have almost 5 months of summer holidays! And who doesn’t enjoy summer in Australia?

When they say affordable fees they really mean it, CQUniversity has a range of scholarships that you can benefit from.

  • International Student Scholarship which is 25% tuition fees reduction during the whole program for students with at least 65% of the average score from their previous studies, this scholarship is unlimited and applicable for campuses, including Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and for vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Destination Australia Scholarship – $15,000 per year for students selecting eligible courses in specific campus. It is ACCUMULATIVE with their 25% tuition fee scholarship through the International Student Scholarship – Regional in the Rockhampton campus ONLY.
  • Early Bird: Students starting their studies on term 2, 2020 or term 3 2020, will be eligible to get $1,000 as credit towards their tuition fees as a special incentive if the Confirmation of Enrolment is issued before the due dates below:

Term 2 2020 – Before July 10th 2020
Term 3 2020 – Before October 9th 2020

So let’s take a look at what it would look like if you were to study any Master’s course in term 3 in CQUniversity Rockhampton Campus:

Master Course Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 TOTAL
Estimated Tuition Fees $14,400 $14,400 $15,120 $15,120 $59,040 Without scholarship
– ISS Estimated Scholarship (25% Reduction) $3,600 $3,600 $3,780 $3,780 $14,760
– Early Bird $1,000 $1,000
Estimated Reduced Fees $9,800 $10,800 $11,340 $11,340 $43,280 ISS Scholarship + Early Bird
– Destination Australia Scholarship (DAS) $15,000 $15,000 $30,000
Estimated Reduced Fees $0 $5,600 $0 $7,680 $13,280 ISS Scholarship + Early Bird + DAS

Yes that’s right, you can get your two year postgraduate degree for only AU$13,280 TOTAL, connect with an education expert in Sofiri to start your process now and take advantage of these amazing prices. This scholarship is also available for Undergraduate courses.

For more information about the Scholarships offered by Central Queensland University, and start an application, you just have to register and choose an education expert to guide you and resolve any concerns you might have, as well as advise you in your visa process at no cost.

And the best of all? Using Sofiri is completely free. If you accept an offer at a university or college, you will pay the same fees as if you were going directly to a university. You can start right now by clicking on the next button.

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